Just a quick note so you know what you are getting into. This is a Team about taking care of friends/family and we intend to do so. I ran across something I had been looking every place for. I had been looking since I was 18 (now 43). I tried a few things up until now and nothing has worked but THIS is already working and I want to share it as much as I can and as fast so thats where CoinPurge team was formed.

I first learned about the opportunity from Ron, this guy ———> You will see him everywhere lol. I will be giving you the url for his site that is linked to a team member other than myself because I already have my front-line team and am helping them build theirs and you build yours also. You can see his ads all over, he has a far reach with his custom website and the above Crypto Wallet that pays you banner. It a personal team website of his also but he has his own way of helping others than I. And it works great that is why I will be giving out his website link with a team members referral code when you join below.

The second part is the wallet. Yes it is a crypto wallet you can hodl your coins in. But the kicker is you can also place your coins in an AI-Bot named Jarvis there and earn what they call CTO daily. It is a utility token and is surely increasing in price. Since I been there it has went from 1 cto = .43 cent to .48 cent. Thats about as far as I go, because I want you to hurry and join the Team 🙂 But if you have already gotten the cloud token wallet on your own and signed with a different team we cannot place you in our Team affiliates please ask your sponser to help with finding new members. You can still hang out and learn though!!!