An app you can you, even if you have non-desirable credit is Moneylion. They charge you 19.99$ a month to be in their financial programs that let you check your credit, learn about credit, earn reward cards, and give you access to the $500 I was talking about. It is a loan, you do have to pay it back, you must have a valid checking so they can electronically take thier 19.99 subscription fee and the fee for the loan being paid back. That fee is roughly always around 43$ more or less unless you choose to make early payments. But there is that resource should you want to or need to fund your Cloud Token Wallet very fast to not miss out on matching bonuses. Remember though as the market flucuates that 500$ could turn to less than 500$ and you would lose the match bonus so I would add whatever I could to make it more than that 500$ and provide some cushion room.

Moneylion link: