The most simple way to know us is to meet us. This website is about friends and family. People helping people. That is the way we will all make it. That is the Goal of the Team. The “CoinPurge team”… I and like minded team members have been vetted and found. We as a team will make this happen, we as a team will acquire more time for all team members, I myself plan on donating once I am earning well to help everyone I have invited here and then help them to help the ones they invited. Help to get more invited people in our ranks and help to get those people earning as we are so they can duplicate the help to help others and to be able to pay it forward. Please just walk away now if you do not believe in helping others, Go now if you think this will be easy because everyone else is doing your work for you. Everyone here must be actively trying or this will fall apart. Team members will help first the ones they see trying the hardest. If you need 100$ boost to be earning your match bonus so be it. But if you are sitting there without referrals and have deposited a total 0$ into the program I do not think it fair for someone to do everything for you.