CoinPurge team

This is who we are, this is what makes us stronger, we are a team. A team soon to be like no other. A financial powerhouse of sorts. As long as we abide by the one rule which is not far off from the “Golden Rule” we will flourish. That rule being if you wish to be part of the team, you must pay it forward. You will be helped so your expected to help. Check out the about page for more info there. As we go along, I plan on adding to this site, For now you will be asked to fill out the signup form below for the newsletter should you want to be a part of the team. From those signups, now that I have my base team, I will contact you individually on whom to signup under until I physically cannot handle the numbers no more. By that time we should be able to hire someone to code a site just for that purpose. I plan on having an app later to communicate with the team, but for now the newsletter will suffice. We are in this together, I will not let you or I fail. So if you want in now is your chance,

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